Ken Ham Announces Plans for Tower of Babel Encounter


Petersburg, Kentucky – The founder of the Creation Museum, Ken Ham, has announced the next big addition to the exhibits at the faith-based foundation.  Earlier this year, the Creation Museum opened “The Ark Encounter”, a life-sized replication of Noah’s ark, as described in Genesis 6.  Ham and his foundation, Answers in Genesis, have made it their goal to bring the events described the earliest chapters of the Old Testament in the Bible to life.

The museum itself, founded in 2007, seeks to portray the history of the world through the lens of  a young earth, as Ham believes is described in the Bible.

“The Ark Encounter has been such a massive success,” Ham stated.  “It became obvious to us that the public (editor’s note: we believe that “public” means “Evangelical Christians” in this instance) is hungry for more interaction with the landscape of the early chapters of Genesis.”

“It took Noah over 100 years to build the ark.  We were able to accomplish the same task in under two years with hardly anything more than the materials mention in Genesis 6, hundreds of contracted workers, and 100 million dollars.  We thought it would only make logical sense to create a similar exhibit for the Tower of Babel in Genesis 11! I think this time we can finish it,” Ham quipped.

“With our modern technology and conveniences we should be able to complete it with virtually 你是 不要我 在 一切成空!”

The rest of the staff  immediately became unavailable for comment.

One thought on “Ken Ham Announces Plans for Tower of Babel Encounter

  1. When do you plan on beginning building the tower of Babel? What about completion time frame? Will it be on site with the ark or the creation museum? My husband and I just visited the Ark with our Granddaughters. We LOVED it!!!! Can’t wait to visit again!!!


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